Globe Technologies is the world leader in
High Quality Thermal Release Mechanisms

Globe Technologies, located right in the industrial heart of America, Michigan, is the world's premium producer of eutectic alloy Fusible Links and heat release devices. Our links are manufactured to the exacting standards of ISO 9001 in our own stamping and production facility.

Globe Technologies, the world's number one producer of Fusible Links, ensures that our product quality, price and delivery reflect the need of both our customers and the stringent cost conscious demands of the industry. We constantly strive for perfection in everything that we do, which speaks for our continued success.

Always mindful of the life safety aspect of our products, the Globe Technologies design and engineering team goes to great lengths to ensure our customers have access to the best information and experience 30 plus years in the business have to offer.

Fusible Links

Fusible Links

A fixed temperature heat detecting device employed to restrain the operation of an electrical or mechanical control until its designed temperature is reached.

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Fusible Plugs

Fusible Plugs

Brass or stainless steel bodies housing a proprietary mix of eutectic alloys allowing the safe controlled release of pressure in the presence of excess heat.

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Fusible Valves

Fusible Valves

Designed to handle pneumatic applications in fire smoke dampers where specific airflow to the actuator is required.

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Fusible Chains & Loops

Chains & Loops

Have the ability to extend the range of fusible release operation by cutting down on component count through a one-piece construction and allow for off center and angled installation.

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